Soldiers Inc.
Mobile Warfare

Upgrade Your Buildings And Get Massive Bonuses!


Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare Building LevelsWSO Command is pleased to announce that from now on, you can upgrade your Buildings to new Levels and get special Bonuses for doing so!

You can now:

Upgrade the Radar to further expand its Search Radius. When you upgrade this Building to Level 21, your Units will gather Resources faster at Caches. When the Building is Level 22, your Base Defense Bonus will be increased.

Upgrade the Tech Center further to boost Tech Research/Upgrade speed.

Upgrade your Wellheads and Munitions Factories further to produce more Fuel and Munitions per hour. Upgrading to Level 40 will also provide Offensive and Defensive bonuses to your Units.

Upgrade Drop Zones to further increase the amount of Rations produced per hour. Levels 39 and 40 will provide you with a Ration Consumption Reduction bonus!

Remember, you can explore the Bonuses each Building Level provides by tapping the “Full Upgrade Stats” button in the Info tab of any Building.

Get moving, Commander!

– WSO Command