Soldiers Inc.
Mobile Warfare

Stronger Hero, Stronger Army!


Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare HeroYou can now use your Hero to increase the power of your army even further! By gaining Experience Points and increasing your Hero’s Level, you will now unlock special Hero Abilities.

Hero Abilities provide a range of powerful Bonuses to Unit Offense, Unit Defense, Unit Carrying Capacity, Bunker Capacity, Ration Consumption, and much more. You can view all of the Hero Abilities available to you by going to the Hero Interface, “Abilities” tab.

Hero Abilities will be unlocked when you reach certain Levels. You may even find that your current Level has already unlocked certain Abilities. However, if you have not reached the required Level, you can unlock Abilities using Diamonds. To do this, you must have activated a Hero Ability at each of the Levels before the one you are trying to activate.

Most times you unlock Abilities, you will unlock two at the same time. You can only activate one of these Abilities at once, but you can activate and deactivate Abilities whenever you like. Other Levels contain a single, “Super Ability”, providing your army with two Bonuses at once! Unlock and activate these Abilities for the biggest Bonuses!

Unleash the power of your Hero now!

– WSO Command.