Soldiers Inc.
Mobile Warfare

Game Updates

What’s new in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare?

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Game UpdatesWe have made the following changes to your game:

1. Hero Abilities. By gaining Experience Points, you can now increase your Hero’s Level and unlock special Abilities that provide a range of powerful Bonuses. Check your Hero interface for more details.

2. New Building Levels. You can now use Building Modules to upgrade your Base’s Buildings even further and get special Bonuses. To find out more, check “Full Upgrade Stats” from the “Info” tab of any Building.

3. Improvements to Unit Hiring Groups and Queues. Individual Units can now be assigned as soon as they are hired – no need to wait for the rest of the Hiring Group.

4. Quick Access to Total Protection. In the event of an incoming attack, you can apply Total Protection simply by tapping on the icon in the bottom right of your Base screen.

5. You will now get Tournament Points when you complete an Annex Upgrade during a Development Tournament.

6. The limit for Action Support Requests has been increased. You can now support your fellow Alliance Members up to 300 times a day.

7. Updates have been made to the Battle Report design.

8. Improvements to the Daily Roll Call. Missing a day will no longer reset your progress, you will simply continue collecting Rewards where you left off.

9. Reduced prices for Diamond Revival. Some Units can now be revived at a cost of less than 1 Diamond per Unit.

10. Enhanced Stalker Scouts are now faster.

11. Increased daily limit for Special Ops. You can now engage up to 100 Special Ops a day.

We hope these updates will make your Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare experience better than ever before!