Soldiers Inc.
Mobile Warfare

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The year is 2037, and face of warfare has changed. Military technology is evolving at a frightening speed, as global unrest causes regimes to topple and kleptocracy to reign supreme. Greed and war are the only constants in this ever-changing landscape, which leads us to Phoenix Industries and the breakaway South American republic of Selva De Fuego. Covered in dense foliage, the country is the world’s only source of a new lifesaving Serum with a range of military applications. The world’s governments – behind the newly formed World Security Organization (WSO) – have declared war on Phoenix, giving every private military and mercenary force carte blanche to invade Selva De Fuego and do whatever it takes to crush the rogue corporation.

Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare

The WSO needs you. As the Commander of a division of seasoned soldiers of fortune, your mission is to defeat Phoenix before your rivals – but it won’t be easy. Standing between you and victory are the most powerful mercenary soldiers and devastating weapons on the modern battlefield.

Choose from a cutting-edge arsenal of weapons including advanced assault vehicles, powerful tanks and futuristic military drones to prepare for all-out warfare in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

Prepare for War

In order to make the Selva de Fuego campaign a success, Commanders are required to maintain a proper center of operations in the country. Get to work on your Base so that it can sustain itself, and station reinforcements to fend off enemy attacks. You have also been cleared to hire your own Units, which you can use to requisition precious resources from other Bases and abandoned Caches. Once you have prepared your army and fortified your base, you will be ready for all-out war. Lock and load!

SINC mobile warfare

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare challenges you to eliminate PvE targets protected by the Phoenix corporate army, as well as to take on other players in tactical PvP combat at a range of set-piece locations. Invade enemy Bases to commandeer their Resources and recruit new soldiers to your army. Forming Alliances will be crucial: rise through the Alliance Ranks until you are the richest, most powerful Commander on the continent!

For the Alliance

Selva De Fuego is a dangerous place, but there are as many potential allies as there are bitter enemies. If you can learn quickly and advance both your army and Base, you’ll be able to protect yourself against the latter. However, if you want to become a serious player in the conflict and control territory and priceless Serum, you will need friends in the right places. Either hone your diplomacy skills and seek support from your strong connections, or take responsibility yourself and start your own Alliance! Only together will you be strong enough, to take on Phoenix Industries and rival Alliances, and to seize control of their heavily guarded Black Sites.

soldiers mobile strategy game

By working cooperatively, players can take back control of Selva De Fuego, and write their names into history. Will you be strong enough to lead your Alliance to victory?

Experience the future of combat in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare today!