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Mobile Warfare

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Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a hardcore military MMORTS title for gamers on the lookout for an engrossing and competitive strategy experience. As the Commander of a private army, your job is to build a powerful Base, recruit capable soldiers, and bring the fight to your enemies by seizing control of their Resources and territory.

To be able to hire powerful Units and develop your Base’s economy, you will need to research new Tech. By upgrading Tech, you will be able to increase the power of your new Units, military hardware, and defensive fortifications, giving you a massive advantage over your enemies!

Even the most resourceful Commanders cannot take over an entire country alone. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a massive multiplayer game that supports cooperation between Commanders from all over the globe. Joining an Alliance is key to capturing Black Sites, heavily fortified locations on the Map that hold great wealth and Influence. The priceless Resources at these sites will help you, advance your army and Alliance ever further until you reach the top.

Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare


Mobile Strategy

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is an online strategy title tailor-made for mobile devices. You will need all of your cunning and diplomatic skills to reach the top, and ample amounts of grit and determination to remain there. Enthusiasm and plentiful munitions stockpiles are enough to get you going, but they won’t hold off more experienced players from raiding your Base and stealing your Resources for long. If you are to become a major player in the Selva de Fuego conflict, you will need to develop bespoke strategies to outwit your enemies.

The battlefield is not the only place where you can showcase your skills. Sharp Commanders will find plenty of opportunities to gain the edge without firing a single missile: for example, sending Reinforcements to a player in need might net you a powerful ally in the future. Your long-term strategy should reflect the vision you have for both your own Base and Selva De Fuego. Focus on Resource production to turn your Base into a bustling trading post, or invest everything you have into your army to establish yourself as an unstoppable military force. Your game, your rules.

SINC mobile warfare

Alliances Are Key

As a Massive Multiplayer title, Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is all about working together with your friends to fight against other players. Join an Alliance, or form your own group of battle buddies to unlock the full potential of the game. Help Allies and support your Alliance to contribute to the war effort, and you will soon become a major player in its ranks, and a strong voice within the game.

As a key member, or even as the leader of a powerful Alliance, there will be no shortage of Commanders happy to watch your back in combat zones. Whether it is by sending reinforcements or Resources when you desperately need them, or by launching a coordinated attack on a relentless enemy, close allies can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Together, as a powerful Alliance, you will be able to attack, capture and defend Black Sites and collect their special Resource: Serum. Controlling Black Sites as an Alliance is the key to securing victory in Selva De Fuego and destroying Phoenix Industries for good.

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