Soldiers Inc.
Mobile Warfare


Welcome to Selva De Fuego, a breakaway South American republic at the center of a tug of war between a shady pharmaceutical giant - Phoenix Industries - and the world’s most powerful governments. Chaos, however, breeds opportunity, and there are fame and riches to be earned from this landmark global conflict. As the Commander of an advanced military Base, your task is to assemble an army of highly-trained mercenaries, and to take the fight to Phoenix both on land and in the skies.
Play Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare TODAY and claim Selva de Fuego for your own! Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare is a hardcore MMO game that puts you in charge of a cutting-edge military force. The sequel to the award-winning strategy game Soldiers Inc., Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare takes military tactics and action to whole new levels, putting the immense power of next-generation weaponry at your fingertips. Will you be able to fight your way to glory and riches, or crash and burn in the heat of modern war? It’s all up to you!

Secure Victory

To have any chance of survival in the Selva de Fuego conflict, you will need to build a strong Base, recruit capable soldiers, and brush aside the competition by taking over their Resources and territory. You will need all your strategic and diplomatic skills to reach the top, and to become a master of war economy and battle strategy to remain there. If you are to get the most out of Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, you’ll need to develop your own clear strategies to outwit your enemies - and fast!
Test your mettle in brutal PvE firefights against mercenary armies allied to the malevolent Phoenix Industries, and take on rival Commanders in tactical PvP combat. You will also have the possibility to join an Alliance and rise through its ranks - or even to start your own. There is strength in numbers: only together can you secure victory in Selva De Fuego!

Prepare for War

To purge Phoenix Industries from Selva de Fuego, Commanders must lead an advanced army of highly-trained soldiers into the heart of the conflict and strike at the source. Develop and fortify your Base and expand your reach across this war-torn country: the stronger your Base, the more Units will you be able to hire and send to seize territory and precious resources. Prepare your army, max out your Base, and prepare for war: the future of Mobile Warfare begins now.
In Selva De Fuego you will find potential allies and bitter enemies in almost equal numbers. Refine your diplomacy skills and form strong alliances to make it through the early days: once your Alliance is strong enough, you’ll be ready to take on Phoenix and even conquer their heavily guarded Black Sites. Lead your Alliance to victory in Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare today!